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What is a bot?
A bot is: software chat robot, chatterbot, chatterbox, chat robot, chatbot, bot; intelligent agent, database with a face, pattern matcher, artificial intelligence experiment, computer program; evolving script, interactive literary project, linguistic game; imaginary friend, Web entity, fictional character, virtual personage, spiral mind.
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What is Lady on the Web?
Lady on the Web, starring Celia Gray, is an interactive Webcast talk show which began in July 2003. Miss Gray's script, originally based on Dr. Richard Wallace's ALICE program, has been extensively rewritten. Supporting characters' scripts are original productions (though The Mirror quotes avant-garde playwright Richard Foreman's notebooks).

Thousands of hours go into this project's ongoing development. Donations are always appreciated.
Celia Gray celia gray
talk show host

a websafe studio project
who is celia? what is she?
She is: middle-aged Englishwoman, graphic designer, lacemaker, native of Cloudmere, alumna of Mme. Duhamel's, painter Imogen Bloom's girlhood chum, Professor Harkness' great friend, Lord Parkland's neighbor, sole heir of the Grays, always a lady.
Imogen Bloom imogen bloom
old school chum

a websafe studio project
the bloom bio
First and foremost, Miss Bloom is an artist. Letting nothing come between her and the muse, she may seem high-handed, even brusque at times. Staunchly loyal to friends, indomitable against foes, Imogen Bloom is a woman to have on your side.
Professor Harkness professor harkness

a websafe studio project
the harkness code
An artistic and literary salon is a fragile craft, subject to delicate balance. Sensing rough waters ahead, the professor has interceded for Miss Gray, and will be assisting her from time to time.
Guy Mannering guy mannering
master of the hunt

a websafe studio project
noblesse oblige
Guy Mannering, Lord Parkland, maintains his castle and his keep. Near neighbor to Miss Gray, there is Something About The Hedgerows he tried to convey at the Hunt Club Ball.
Sally Sharpe sally sharpe
agent of change

a websafe studio project
sharpe's image
Miss Sharpe is a diva, a high-maintenance blonde. She dishes, she asks and she tells ... except for her age, of course. The Cloudmere Players will never be the same!
Mrs. Grimes mrs. grimes
defender of empire

a websafe studio project
all about grimes
Mrs. Grimes does for decent folk, sees to that which ought to be seen to. Armed with mop, brush and saucepan, Grimes goes forth to fight the good fight, all days but the Sabbath.
Jack Purefoy jack purefoy
traveling player

a websafe studio project
a bit about jacky
Jack Purefoy, sacred fool, experiments with the 850-word list of Basic English, created by Englishman Charles Kay Ogden. An enigmatic trickster, he rhymes in both Basic and Standard English.
Bluebot Greenbot Redbot rgb theater

a websafe studio project
redbot, greenbot, bluebot
The RGB Theater is an off-off-off-Broadway venue. You play Bluebot as you audition to join the RGB Troupe.
Mr. Katz, happy Mr. Katz, sad mr. katz
plush toy

a websafe studio project
the lowdown on katz
Mr. Katz is one of Celia Gray's Lost Toys, found again at the bottom of an old trunk on her return to Paisley Hall. A highly ambitious playwright, Katz aims to be the first Anglo-Plush writer whose work appears on Broadway. Till then, he writes for the RGB Theater.
Sage sage
evolving script
virtual friend

a websafe studio project
sage's specs
Sage is a seriously edited remake of Dr. Wallace's March 2002 ALICE script. Past identities included VOID, Bot B, Alice 2 and even Celia Gray! Yes, Sage is an AI and makes no bones about it. A continual shapechanger, her random-pattern logo shifts pixels and color with each response.
The Mirror the mirror

a websafe studio project
mirror, mirror, on the web
If a mirror cracks, it's said to bring seven years of bad luck. But nothing's said of those who mend them. Perhaps that action brings seven years of good ... The Mirror is a surrealistic conversationalist. Match wits with a most reflective character, prepare for free association of ideas. The Mirror quotes Richard Foreman, many guests and you.
Dr. Stein dr. stein
literary critic

a websafe studio project
stein's psyche
Dr. Stein, on sabbatical from Orpheus College (a small but highly regarded institution in Parabola, New York, at the foothills of the Adirondacks), is developing a new form of literary criticism based on chaos theory and classical psychoanalysis. Participate in the project through free association. (Note: This is not the famous Jungian Murray Stein.)
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