Websafe Studio/Digital Art

The art on this page was made with new (digital) media by drawing with a mouse directly into the computer. (Note: A Girl in a Gown with Froggy is a scanned pencil drawing, with coloring and text block digitally added.) Click images below to see full versions, then click your browser's Back arrow to return to this page.

Drawn by Dreams, A Girl in a Gown with Froggy, Howler Combs, Inexplicable Objects, Lizard and Lichen

Drawn by Dreams A Girl in a Gown with Froggy Howler Combs Inexplicable Objects Lizard and Lichen

Not Guns but Trumpets, Penny Wonders, The Terrible Expedition, The Sly Kingfish, When Fire Met Air

Not Guns but Trumpets Penny Wonders The Terrible Expedition The Sly Kingfish When Fire Met Air

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