Websafe Studio/Marginal Press

Marginal Press, established in October 2005, is the hardcopy division of Websafe Studio.

Our motto: "When the central is marginal, the marginal is central."

These little folded books have a magic fold-and-slit design which allows printing on one side of a sheet of paper to make two-sided pages.
Nanobooks are 2.75 inches wide by 4.25 inches high, and are 8 pp. long.
Microbooks are 4.25 inches wide by 5.5 inches high, and are 8 pp. long.
(Exceptions to the above are noted in individual catalog entries.)

Donations help the project grow.

Appleboy Changes His Mind rings dancing changes on the keynote of a sly, happy fellow. Gorgeous ombre Prismacolor backgrounds.

Broadcaste, Vol. 1, #1: What if you woke up tomorrow and your head was a TV set? Not a brand-new hi-def, mind you, but an old klunker with rabbit ears and a UHF dial? Paco debuts a tale too strange for prime time, a broadcast from the unknown, featuring a new caste of people -- the "changed." Stay tuned!

Circle of Gossip chronicles the karmic process as it applies to yakety-yak. "What goes around comes right back atcha," so watch out what you broadcast!

Cryptamnesia #1 is a collaboration with Paco (pacomouth@yahoo.com). "Not your Dada's comic book," it's a tale of envy, aroma and hypnotic arrest.

Cryptamnesia #2 is a collaboration with Paco. Visions of a secret star chamber, a dragon lotus, an unknown nunman. Available in two different textual versions.

Cryptamnesia #3 is a collaboration with Paco. The blind princess senses the rainflowers in the crystal fountain under the atrium; the deepworker is overcome in the star chamber.

Cryptamnesia #4 is a collaboration with Paco. The little cat man and the big toad man return from Cryptamnesia #1, but the waiter is nowhere to be seen. However, a conjurer enters the birdhouse rocket through a trapdoor. Textless.

Descent is Paco's first foldbook, made with the excitement of a new process. A mysterious figure emerges from a window, contemplates an autumnal bridge, plunges into infernal depths and finally confronts the raw workings of his soul!

The Doornail is an etymological excursion by Julie Rose, with a quote from Shakespeare's Henry VI. Enjoy Rose's Roz Chast-style illustrations as her narrator emotes.

The Doornail, Part 2 is a further excursion into the world of idiom, by Julie Rose. The specific origin of the expression "dead as a doornail" is revealed.

In Feathered Serpent, a strange bird hatches an unexpected foster child from a splotched and speckled egg.

Five Little Trans*formations (shown: Page 1) is a wordless image sequence. Five characters do tricks, change moods. 16 pp., 3 slits/accordion fold construction. Price: $5.

Foreign Objects is a wordless image sequence. What are they for, what do they do? Free passwords on front cover.

Foreign Objects 2: More inexplicable items. Where do they come from? Who makes them, and why? Free passwords on back cover.

Framewerk: A Lithographic Series, by Paco. Five stark, primitif lithographs from the late Nineties, with an introduction in the artist's words. The cover image is collaged on a scumbled acrylic ground.

I'll Eat Your Hat: An Aerial Importunity: A lot of cross-hatching in this one, it looks kind of like Pac-Man drawn by Edward Gorey, with a 9-line rhymed verse (Edward Lear meets Dr. Seuss).

Jack Bunny and the Joy Buzzer: A collaboration with RAZ. A jack-in-the-box gets more and more sore, while a zany clown's heart (and hair) radiates in all directions. Feel the love!

Little Monsters: Just in time for Halloween. Some gung-ho, some hangdog, some oblivious.

Metrobooks: Report from the Inside, a clip-art fotonovela, is an insider's revelation of corporate greed. Who'll win the battle of Art vs. Commerce?

Parallel City: Autumn cemetery, filigree gates, angelic visitation.

Play takes you on a photo journey through a charming old playground.

Process: Bubbling, dripping, oozing, steaming, spraying; it might be paint or stew, who knows, but it's in process. Very careful pencil work. Nice torn collage on back cover.

Shape Candy combines three elements (photos, acrylic brushstrokes, charcoal/Conte crayon drawings) via the art of collage, with the text describing some rather odd flavors.

Skate is a photo journey through the local skateboard park. The "puppet show" on page 5 is really just puddles of water in the sun.

Skate 02 revisits the local skateboard park a year and a half later, approaching it through watery reflections in the garage windows opposite. The camera used was a borrowed Olympus Camedia D-340R 1.3 megapixel.

Skullduggery, by Paco, is a rich and chewy grisaille fantasia forged from Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skull imagery. Bold, vigorous strokes of black marker and white acrylic on a gray ground.

Small Kachina Bots is a sampling from a series of painted, cutout figures, jointed with thread. They resemble Kachina dolls and/or robots.

Stay or Go? is a "story of identity." The philosophical states of Doing and Being battle it out.

The Waning of Maximus Moon is a dystopian tale of a world in the very near future after a global ban on internal-combustion engines. Sounds good? It should be, but the socio-economic realities are even less enlightened than now.

The Waning of Maximus Moon, Part 2 glimpses Maximus' little brother Minimus on a rare break from his work at the dust mines.

Three Views of a Rolling Duck features views from Top, Side and Back, and includes the Pneumatic Flexor (enlarged to show detail), the Parallel Wing Gears (in full upright position) and the Emotion Radar (in Send mode).

Weirdbook is a parade of penciled oddities on collaged acrylic swashes, a rogue's gallery of the absurd.

Zoomkitty starts with a strange little cat in a Baziotes-like setting and ends with a glance from the liquid depths of his eye.

Hitch: Based on a photo of a big rusty trailer hitch. Visual free association has been used to make two beautiful, dreamlike drawings of a young dark-haired girl and a young African-American boy. The faces glimmered out of the shapes.


Oddmobiles: Finely detailed pencil renderings of peculiarly non-functional vehicles. Two splash panels done, final splash panel and covers still in the works.


How Many?, by Sheila Holtz, is a collage piece mixing a Fifties primer with psychovocational testing. Can you solve the equation of how to fit into our society? The dialectic of the mystic duality/trinity shimmers back and forth in answer.

Loom of Doom: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend -- unless he's bigger than both of us." Two 10-year-old-boy types escalate their battle, till ... Prismacolor and archival pen with collage of cheesy advertising and origami paper.

Six Characters in Search of a Comic Strip: Colorful junk mail and cut-up acrylic paintings form the collaged base of this piece rendered in drafting pencil and gouache. The characters range from irascible to goofball, sentimental to absurd. (Note: Cover still in progress, may not be the same as depicted.)

The Triumph of Bunnyman Blue: A bright yellow fellow with vast self-confidence and a tiptop hat tries to out-stunt a blue bunny Bobo doll. Rabbit-ear TV on back cover.
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