Front cover of The Disinheritors, a novel

A poet in her youth, Sue Baxter now edits other people's manuscripts and lives in someone else's house. Jack Foley has long wanted to be a novelist, but settles for writing ad copy so he doesn't have to go back to sales. When a threatening incident throws the two together, they meet Jack's hero, bestselling author Frank Brand, whose Da Vinci Code-style novel The Dream Book of Irina Palazzo is up for a lucrative film deal. The game is on, and Jack tries for the brass ring of success while Sue is confronted with her buried past, in a maze of mistaken identity, computer encryption, a fantastical cult and the power of wealth.

The novel is rather short (about 55,000 words), and is structured in three parts of ten chapters each. Click the cover image to read an excerpt, a PDF file of the first three chapters.

Short Fiction