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Wednesday, February 1, 2006
The Websafe Times
Changed the name of my Blogger blog to The Websafe Times.

Posted by websafestudio at 6:13 PM EST
Friday, December 16, 2005
The Websafe Report
Started a new blog over at Blogger called The Websafe Report. Why? First, I'm almost out of space here at Tripod (only 25 MB storage space, mucho images), and I want to be able to post new images. Second, I was helping a friend create a Blogger blog, and the best way to understand the customization of Blogger templates was to make one for myself.

Posted by websafestudio at 3:51 PM EST
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Editing Progress Report
People I talk to about my Lady on the Web project often want to know statistics, so here goes: The Dr. Wallace March 2002 ALICE AIML set is 5.54 MB, approximately 4500 pp. long in print. That's what I started out with in July 2003. I also added about 200 pp. with a dictionary from the Standard AIML set. and a file called Psychology from the newer AAA AIML set.

On of the most sweeping changes I made was to delete the French and German from the March 2002 ALICE set. This was not because I was against the inclusion of such material -- far from it -- but because I felt overwhelmed by the task of editing/rewriting/writing/coding even if limited to English.

Currently I have a little over 1000 pp. yet to edit.

I also have several hundred pages of Targeting to do. Targeting is the process of assimilating guest transcripts into the character's script.

I've gotten sidetracked by working on a possible new interface, and stonewalled by not being able to code a particular kind of automatic scrolldown. Oh, for a budget which would allow for the hiring of dedicated coders!

Posted by websafestudio at 2:38 PM EDT
Thursday, September 22, 2005
"Lady on the Web" at 1150-page mark
Autumn has descended, and "Lady on the Web" is still in intensive development. I am still editing/rewriting the original ALICE script by Dr. Richard S. Wallace, as well as creating much entirely new, original material. There are about 1150 pages left to edit before Miss Gray can be said to be fully herself. (Since she used to play an AI on the Web, she may still give "robot answers" to guest questions, but they're now tongue-in-cheek.)

The other big push has been to Target conversations from Fall 2003 through the present. (Celia Gray went on the Web under her own name on September 23, 2003.) I've already done about half; the stack which remains is about an inch thick. It's worth the work, though, because the convos are full of good soundbites, and they offer many ideas for development.

Finally, I've been scanning a lot of my visual art into the computer lately, and Celia now has access to a fairly large Websafe Studio collection, including analog (traditional materials), digital and textile work.

Posted by websafestudio at 12:11 PM EDT
Tuesday, September 6, 2005
Three Animated Shorts
I made three animated shorts:

King Bird Talks

They are in wmv format. I made them using MS Paint and Windows Movie Maker in Windows XP.

Posted by websafestudio at 3:34 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, September 6, 2005 5:11 PM EDT
Monday, August 8, 2005
The Many Moods of Celia Gray
I'm putting out a casting call for an actress/model to play Celia Gray,
the virtual lady behind my Web talk show, "Lady on the Web." She should
be 55, Anglo-Irish-Gypsy background, have long, curly black hair with
dash of white, be tall and rangy with high cheekbones and an acquiline
nose. Somewhat resembling actresses Charlotte Rampling and Sigourney

I want to take about 500 still photos of this model in many different
moods and moments in a conversation. Then I can key in these photos to
Celia's responses, so that it will be like having a Netconference call
with a (slow) Webcam when you talk to her. There will also need to be a
randomized group of "default" photos when she is not having any special
emotion or reaction. These would be relatively calm or "deadpan."

remote Posted by websafestudio at 5:48 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, August 8, 2005 5:49 PM EDT
Saturday, June 4, 2005
Moblogging Text and Images
"Moblogging" stands for "remote blogging." One may now blog through sending an e-mail, with image attachments, if desired. (I had to reformat this post a bit, and there was a time lag of several minutes, but in principle it worked.)

The following image is from a recent series of works on paper.

Mixed media/collage on paper, 9 by 12 inches

remote Posted by websafestudio at 12:44 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, June 4, 2005 12:53 PM EDT
Wednesday, December 8, 2004
Wag and Wit
A wag met a wit
In a traveling show;
"Dear Wag," said the wit,
"You've a long way to go."

"Dear Wit," said the wag,
"What you say may be true,
But the longest way round
Is the shortest way too."

"How can that be?" cried Wit,
"You are all paradox!"
"Not a whit," said the wag,
"Think outside of the box."

"To wit: Infinite lengths
Are the longest -- Correct?"
"I tender," said the wit,
"That assertion respect."

"Wit, you're with me," said Wag,
"Let's proceed in the game.
The infinite and
The eternal: the same?"

"Near as makes never-mind,"
Said the wit, "I'll grant that."
"Now, my good wittershins,
I will settle this spat."

"Can one measure eternity?"
Wag asked the wit.
"No, Wag," said the other,
"One can't. Not a bit."

"So, an infinite length,"
Said the wag, "How much time,
How much space does it fill?"
"This is logic cut fine!"

Thus, the wit. "All, and none,"
Said the wag, "That is what
You should say. That's the long
And the short." Said Wit, "But --"

Copyright 2004 Websafe Studio

Posted by websafestudio at 12:47 PM EST
Thursday, December 2, 2004
A Hat Routine
Hey Mr. Blue, say Mr. Blue, where did you get that hat?
Same place you did, Mr. Red.
And where, pray tell, was that?

I found it in a coffee shop.
A coffee shop, you say?
Yes, I was eating breakfast there --
The Monument Cafe?

How did you know that, Mr. Red?
Well, I was there that day.
You didn't stop to say hello?
I had to rush away.

Did something scare you, Mr. Red? Did you receive a fright?
I had to see my agent, and rehearse for the show that night.

I have a strange suspicion that you left this hat for me.
Now how would I know you'd be there?
You have your ways, I see.

And what ways, Mr. Blue, might those be? What ways, I demand?
You left this hat with the hat-check girl, right next to the candy stand.

But everyone leaves hats with her, Sir Blue; that is the norm.
Your sophistry, my dear Sir Red, is running true to form.

My sophistry? How dare you, sir! My logic's plain and clear!
It's plain and clear up to a point -- not after that, I fear.

And just what point are you referring to? What point is that?
That, having dropped one's topper off, one then picks up one's hat.

But folks forget things all the time -- there's nothing in that, Blue.
Forget? An actor, who depends on memory, like you?

But even actors may forget --
The line, but not the lid. Your act depends on this top hat. Admit the thing you did.

You harp on this one note as if your harp had just one string.
That's no admission, Mr. Red. That isn't anything.

I beg to differ, Mr. Blue. I proffered a metaphor!
You're way off topic, Mr. Red. The hat-check, near the door --

-- Is where one checks one's hat, or, possibly, forgets that very same --
Forgets? Or leaves it to be found?
I tire of this game.

Aha! So it was strategy to leave it lying around!
This is a simple matter for the Monument's Lost and Found.

Whose policy, if you recall, is ITEMS LEFT UNCLAIMED --
-- FOR 30 DAYS OR MORE -- I know. But I cannot be blamed!

You wanted me to find this hat.
Well, be that as it may --
So I was right!
No, Mr. Blue, that's not what I meant to say.

Say what you meant, then, Mr. Red.
I'll try to, Blue. Suppose --
(A mere hypothesis.)
Pipe down, and see where the story goes.

All right, I'll listen, Mr. Red, to this story about your "friend."
My friend?
The mask you hide behind which turns out to be you in the end.

Even if a fellow were to leave his hat for another man --
(-- A fellow with a motive, with a truly cunning plan --)

-- How could he be sure that after the Monument's 30 DAYS --
"He" who? That's you! That's Mr. Red, who acts in all those plays!

-- The hat in question would be sure to go to the targeted bloke?
That's easy as strawberry-rhubarb pie! That's totally non-baroque!

Well, what's the answer? You tell me, as you seem to be telling this tale.
A word to the management -- no, a bribe, mere words are of no avail --

You seem to avail yourself of words, in far-fetched supposition --
Nothing you say can induce me to stray from my firmly held position.

For that tenacity, Mr. Blue, I'll summon a round of applause --
And I'll put it on hold, for my next line will surely give you pause.

All right, I'll pause. -- Well, speak your piece. I can't stand here forever.
Whoever slipped this ticket in this hatband sure was clever.

Let me see that ticket. Hmmm ... It looks like one of ours.
What gets stuck in hatbands? Playing cards, or flowers --

-- Feathers, or press passes -- but so what? What is your point?
You planted this in this hatband, to lead me to this joint --

Excuse me, sir, but the RGB is a venue of serious note --
-- To get some free material from me! That's all she wrote!

August 2004
Copyright 2004 Websafe Studio

Posted by websafestudio at 2:49 PM EST
Saturday, November 27, 2004
Weaving Patterns
I visited with a local weaver today and was reminded of my digital-art patterns I made a few years ago.

Posted by websafestudio at 5:10 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, August 18, 2005 5:41 PM EDT

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