Cloudmere Tourist Information Centre
Cornwall, England

The Heavens at Seven:
Skies over Cloudmere

Each morning at seven, Cloudmere Aviation does a flyover and snaps a sky shot for us.
Dining & Lodging
* The Hotel Whitecliff
* The Ferns
* Maria's Teas
   (Note: No pubs, as we hold the distinction of being the only "dry" town in Cornwall.)

* Farmer's Market every Wednesday in the Square
* Handmade lace: Real bobbin lacemaking, demonstrated in the parlor at Maria's Teas

* Beach
* Godwyn Moor
* River Hale
   Salmon and trout fishing. Please obtain a licence and permit in nearby Griffinshead. History
* Castle Dargent
   Guy Mannering, Lord Parkland, has been gracious enough to permit tours of his family homestead, established during the Norman Conquest, on alternate Thursdays between 3 and 5. Dogs on leads are most welcome.
* Tin mines
   Visit abandoned mines from ancient times, stream for tin with members of the Cloudmere Historical Society. Wellingtons or stout overshoes are suggested.
* The Angel's Stone
Does it cure ailments, bring good luck, ensure happy marriages? You be the judge.

* The Cloudmere Historical Society
* The Cloudmere Players
* The Mayan Society
   Chair: Professor P.N. Harkness
   Location: Margate Memorial Library
   The Mayan Society meets on a quarterly basis, at the solstices and equinoxes (or the first Monday thereafter) to discuss developments and discoveries in the ongoing archaeological exploration of Ancient Mayan sites.
Parachute Lessons
Do you look before you leap? Or are you the type who jumps into things? Experience sky diving! The thrill of a lifetime.

Enquire of
Group Captain Henry Margate, RAF-Ret.,
Cloudmere Aviation.

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