Digital collage, 01-15-11, No. 5

01-15-11, No. 5

Digital collage, 01-15-11, No. 6

01-15-11, No. 6

Digital collage, 01-15-11, No. 11

01-15-11, No. 11

Over the past decade or so, I have made a large quantity of digital art, mostly by drawing with a mouse into simple graphics programs. Three examples are shown above from a recent series of twenty-one. (More ART)


The Decryption of Floriform X, a piece of short fiction, was originally written on Twitter in 140-character-or-less bursts. There were one or two minor edits. The lines were labeled with numbers to keep track of them as they flowed into the Twitter stream.

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Interactivity is the soul of the Web, whether in chat rooms, collaborative applications or social networks. My main virtual character, Celia Gray (logo shown at left), has been hosting Lady on the Web since 2003. (More INTERWEB)